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VIP Private Travel specializes in tailor-made, exclusive travel experiences for discerning travelers to Portugal and Spain

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VIP Private Travel arranges exclusive, tailor made vacations to Portugal and Spain. Exclusive because you always  travel with friends, your partner, family or with a prearranged group limited to 15 persons, never on a public group tour designed for mass sales. Tailor-made because we actually taking the time to understand where your interests lie, ensuring every vacation reflects your interests and style of travel. 

Discover Portugal

 Discover Spain, a country with a distinct identity, diverse culture, rich history and traditions, exciting cities, gastronomy and more..

Portugal has been influencing world culture  since becoming the first to reach India by sea. An incredible feat for a small nation. Explore and discover the country often overlooked...

Discover Spain

"How fortunate to have found an American in Portugal"


Dear Greg, You brought history to life with your encyclopaedic knowledge a fascinating country with all the added stories that make the ‘learning’ so interesting. I have been going  through your trip notes and realising that we could easily have spent twice the time and still not seen it all.

I marvel at how you came up with such interesting people for us to meet and commend you for having developed and delivering this very personal approach to your travel business in Portugal and Spain.

Michael Musgrave

Vice President American Express Travel (retired) Sydney, Australia 

Be our guest for lunch in Portugal or Spain

With every vacation we design for you and your friends, we´ll offer you lunch in either Portugal or Spain.