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Spain & Portugal Vacations


Exclusive  Tailor Made Personal Experiences  ... created to give you a truly unique experience to Portugal and Spain.

VIP Portugal and Spain Private Tours

Centuries old villas nestled among vineyards, cuisine made with traditional recipes, world class wines  and hospitality which the Portuguese are famous for have all the ingredients of a perfect vacation. 

We arrange private cooking courses, have at your disposal private guides and luxury transportation, insiders access to many places not always accessible to tourist groups. The vast experience in arranging even the most sophisticated vacations ensures a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Spain, like Portugal, been a player on the world scene centuries longer than any European country. You will discover the beauty of the Alhambra in Granada, tapas tastings of tantalizing dishes like the simple tomato and olive oil, Spanish tortilla and mussels steamed in butter and olive oil. 

Wine tours are ways to discover the vast choices throughout all regions and visits to the buzzing capital of Madrid and more subdued rural areas including the World Heritage cities of Salamanca and Segovia in Castilla y León. During every stop we guarantee you'll find something magical.

VIP Private Travel's Story

" The owner who I knew many years ago in California has done a remarkable job in developing his dream into reality... 

I have recommended his services to friends and clients. All  have seen beautiful areas of Spain and Portugal that they would have otherwise missed, due to the creativity of the owner who is passionate and determined to deliver the finest guest experience possible..."

- John Douponce, General Manager, Chamberlin Hotel, West Hollywood    

Gregory Edward; CEO & Founder

Arriving  in Portugal late 1996, at the start special Worlds Fair "Expo 1998" was an especially exciting time to be introduced to Portugal. That year opened my eyes to Portuguese  culture which was so different from what I had know in the USA.  Falling in love, literally and figuratively, my dream to live in Portugal and Spain began a journey of some 20 years that instilled uncompromising desire to introduce both countries to travelers who, like me, are unaware of the fascinating cultures of both lands.

Greg is originally from Michigan, where he graduated from Eastern Michigan University. He has lived in Michigan, Atlanta, Maui, and Los Angeles before moving to Portugal in 1996, where he remained until early 2016, when he relocated  the USA and currently live in Colorado. 

Upon my return began my newest venture, VIP Private Travel which maintains the same high standards of remains committed to planning exceptional experiences to Portugal and Spain.

"How fortunate to have found an American in Portugal"


Dear Greg, You brought history to life with your encyclopaedic knowledge a fascinating country with all the added stories that make the ‘learning’ so interesting. I have been going  through your trip notes and realising that we could easily have spent twice the time and still not seen it all.

I marvel at how you came up with such interesting people for us to meet and commend you for having developed and delivering this very personal approach to your travel business in Portugal and Spain.

Michael Musgrave

Vice President American Express Travel (retired) Sydney, Australia