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Luxury means making sure our clients are given the best possible experience when visiting Portugal and Spain. Like arranging private tours though a former Royal Palace in Portugal, nighttime tours of the Alhambra, Culinary Courses in a family estate in northern Portugal nestled among exquisite gardens or vineyard tours with the with renown winemakers or even securing the services of a private jet from Bibao to Ibiza for a romantic dinner and returning before your cruise ship leaves the next morning .... no is never an answer in fulfilling any request when designing exclusive vacations to Portugal and Spain. 

Pata Negra Seville Spain


With an extensive knowledge of Spain that comes from several decades of traveling and living throughout the country, our previous guests can attest that their vacation was an exceptional experience.

When visiting Granada we´ve suggested that our guests might wish to cross cross the hanging bridges of Los Cahorros Monichel, travel to Toledo and admire in awe El Grecos masterpiece "The Disrobing of  Christ" in Toledo.

You will never taste better Pata Negra, expertly sliced from the bone, than in the kitchen of our favorite Spanish mother living in Fuentes de Andalucia or truly discover the secrets of the Alhambra unless being guided by Santi, our favorite guide in Granada and throughout all of Spain.



portugal cooking course


Photo above: Cooking Course in Portugal

Making your vacation to Portugal truly exceptional means ensuring the best possible experiences unhindered by the words "it´s not possible".

Find yourself on a perfectly maintained vintage small boat, floating lazily along the worlds first Demarcated Wine Region of the Douro River Valley between the towering mountainsides of  terraced vineyards with a glass of Vintage Port Wine in hand. When the cruise is finished you will be return to your luxurious villa overlooking the magnificent Douro Valley .

Western Europe´s best kept secret has a dynamic culture where traditions are interwoven into the fabric of the country that everyone who visits fall in love with. It´s called "saudades" in Portuguese; we guarantee you will learn what this word means once you´ve returned home from Portugal.


Portugal Sample Itinerary

See a real itinerary prepared for our previous guests, Mr. and Mrs. Warren

" we had had a wonderful time in Lisbon. "

We arrived back from a wonderful 5 night vacation in Lisbon and were delighted. The owner was fortunately in Lisbon during our trip;  an American who has lived in Lisbon for +15 years.  By ourselves we probably would only have seen 10% of what we saw. We were impressed in how versed Greg is in history, politics, architecture, food, religion and culture.

His knowledge of the Portuguese language, comradeship with "locals"--professionally and socially--was most impressive and really made a difference to our experience. Now here is the best part: the responsiveness to our individual requests and modifications of fixed agenda made it a special personal experience.   

- Joseph M. and Howard B., New York City