Portugal Vacations

Aveiro "Venice of Portugal" VIP Private Travel

In Portugal your journey will take you through endless vineyards, including the terraced mountainsides of the world´s oldest demarcated wine region of the Douro River Valley, bicycle through the the plains of central Portugal dotted by charming  white washed villages and cork tree farms or drop into a quaint fisherman villages where you can enjoying the freshest catch pulled from the Atlantic Ocean. 

For the cooks in your family, spending the morning at the local farmers market choosing the ingredients for your afternoon cooking class starts the day off perfectly. Or maybe you prefer sailing on a private yacht through the waters of the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Portugal? 

There are really no limits as to the experiences we will provide.  In Portugal you´ll love the gastronomy based on traditional dishes with a modern sensibility that celebrated Portuguese chefs are responsible for and giving recognition to what Portugal has always known; you have to taste a culture to understand.

Travel with friends, your partner or organize a small group with an interest in any topic; gardens, wine and gastronomy, architecture are a few ideas, which we´ll weave into a wonderful journey through  Portugal.