Cooking ... and Much Portugal

This trip will be exclusive to 15 persons, not a large public tour. In addition to the highlights below, included in the cost are stays in top rated 4 and 5 star accommodations,  private transportation, some trips on the very comfortable and always on-time Portuguese rail system. Lunches will be included when we are doing group activities, a welcome and good by dinner at two of my favorite restaurants in Lisbon, several dinners together as a group, the cooking course, boat ride on the Douro, all tickets for places visited when traveling as a group and private guides whenever needed.

This trip will be personally led by Gregory Edward.

If you are interested in joining this exclusive trip feel free to get in touch. After we have spoken on the telephone to find out if you are a match for this trip, we will reach out to your fellow travelers and introduce you well before the trip begins.

The cost will be per person, sharing a double room. Airfare will not be included.

highlights | Portugal Private Tour

Portugal Cooking Class (es)

Cooking will be the highlight of this tour, where we will have a day at an ancient manor house, nestled among the lush vineyards in northern Portugal; a family home for some 500 years and as beautiful, many say even more so, than   Tuscany and Provence.

This gem is surrounded by forest, has it's own vineyard, an herb garden, spectacular gardens of rose and peonies and situated atop an ancient Celtic settlement; the columns on the loggia are carved with symbols of their deities.

A Walled Town fit for a Queen

 The trip will start in Lisbon and end in Lisbon, with a between stay in Porto. You will visit several places that are a "must" in Portugal, including a walled town that was traditionally given as a wedding present to the Queen of Portugal from their husband, the King...

...possibly this was a way for the king to preemptively lessen the wrath of their Queens when they  inevitably (like many men) did something to disrespect their Queen.

Incredible seafood in Nazare


Lunch on the most delicious seafood imaginable in a fishing village with the most incredible views over the Atlantic Ocean and famous for, among many other reasons, the highest wave ever surfed (by an American).

Stop in the Venice of Portugal,  Aveiro, where you will be greeted by our friend Francisca, a literal lightening bolt of endless energy  who delights in welcoming visitors to her small B&B

Porto isn't Porto without Port Wine

In Porto you will enjoy the finest Port wines at Taylor's  Port Wine Lodge, one of the preeminent and most beautiful Port Wine Lodges (that' s a fancy English way of saying "wine cellar")

No visit to the Douro is complete without a boat ride on the Douro River into the far reaches of the Douro River Valley; incidentally the worlds 1st Demarcated Wine Region ... if  your port wine isn't produced in the Douro, it's not port wine!

Roman Godess of the Moon

Near Lisbon, we won't miss the captivating town of Sintra with her ancient palaces and serene natural environment. Successively home to the Romans, who believed the goddess of the Moon lived here,  Moorish caliphs for many centuries and finally, once again, the  Portuguese kings, queens, aristocrats and those that served their every need; many of whose homes make up the charming medieval village of Sintra.

Lisbon ... and Bethleham ?

We will also take you to the area of Belem (Bethlehem), where you can see the spectacular  monastery and church of San Jeronimos, built  in the 16th century and where rests the tomb of Vasco da Gama, one of Portugal’s great explorers; and the exquisite ex-libris of Lisbon,the 500-year-old Tower of Belem, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.