Exclusive Spain Vacations

Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

We will arrange your trip to Spain around experiences based on your interests and mixed with our suggestions; such as private visits to vineyards where you taste the best wine you’ve ever experienced, architectural tours with behind the scenes explanations of Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and  culinary courses at an ancient palace in Trujillo, the town where the conquistador Francisco Pizarro was born.

Discover Spain from Cordoba with its glorious Cathedral-Mosque, dine on the freshest of seafood in San Sebastien and wine tastings at the exquisite winery nearby designed by Calatrava; Bodega Ysio.

You don´t have to be a pilgrim to Walk the Way of Santiago and arrive spellbound at the first sight of the immense cathedral of St. James. Skip the lines in Vail, Aspen or Mammoth Mountain when staying at the Baqueira/Beret ski resort in the Val d'Aran in the Pyrenees, where the resort´s marquee run is the Escornacrabes, whose name in the Aranese language means “where goats fall" are merely a few places you could visit.

When your cruise ship arrives in Bilbão, have at your disposal a private jet that will get you from Bilbao to Palma da Mallorca for a romantic dinner at  Sadrassana Restaurant Cocteleria  (we´ll take care of the reservations) and back before the ships sets sail the next morning, or say goodbye to the modern world and escape to the "Finca", a small ranch  in the Estremadure region bordering Portugal where you will enjoy bird watching, horseback riding and learning to cook Spanish foods with our dear friends who live there.

Contact us and find out where you might wish to visit in Spain. Bring your loved ones or organize a small group with an interest in any topic and we´ll design your perfect vacation with a tailor-made itinerary which will show you the Spain we love, not the one normally seen from bus windows of public group tours.

Your exclusive vacation to Spain is a phone call away: 

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Spain at a glance

Capital City: Madrid

10 Largest cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Málaga, Murcia, Palma, Majorca, Las Palmas and Bilbao

Population:  47,370,542 (2013)

Currency: Euro 

Language: Castilian Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2% (official regionally)

Distance to Madrid from:

Los Angeles - 9400 kilometers; 5820 miles

New York: 3588 Kilometers; 5774 miles

Denver: 8076 Kilometers; 5018 miles

Manila: 11700 kilometers; 7250 miles

Spain has: 15 national parks, 180 natural natural reserves and protected nature sites with numerous historical villages and ranks 3rd in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Did You Know?

The region of Catalonia, where Barcelona is located, is one of Spain’s most prominent wine producing areas, with eleven appellations of origin. Today Catalonia is Spain’s biggest producer of wine with appellation of origin, with a production rate of 380 million bottles per year, including cava, which accounts for half of this production. During your vacation in Barcelona we´ll be certain to include tastings with wine makers and often winery owners at some of the regions best rated wineries and vineyards.

Photo: Barcelona Gothic Quarter Credit: Gregory Edward